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Next-Gen Wireless
Laser Comms


The dawn of an advanced era in wireless communication technology

Fastest time to market

Enjoy the convenience of not requiring spectrum approval or right of way. Swiftly establish point-to-point connections over distances ranging from 200m to 3km and even further, all achievable in less than a day per link. Adaptable network edge expansion allows for more efficient use of your existing fiber infrastructure’s capacity.

Cost effective

Worried about spectrum costs? Don’t be – they’re non-existent. Utilizing commercial off-the-shelf components and network management systems, CENTAURI can either supplement your existing capacity or expedite coverage expansion in anticipation of a permanent fiber installation.

High bandwidth and throughput

CENTAURI’s high-throughput technologies can handle modern network traffic levels from 10Gbps to 25Gbps, a capacity that traditional RF/mmWave, previous FSO generations, and satellite communications would find daunting.



CENTAURI’s laser-light technology offers high-security, low-latency connectivity that effectively thwarts signal interception and jamming disruptions. Construct redundant connections and integrate disaster recovery solutions to guarantee business continuity, even in the toughest circumstances.

Supercharge your connectivity with CENTAURI

Join the growing number of ISPs, telcos, and enterprises using CENTAURI, today.

4G/5G fronthaul/backhaul

CENTAURI equips operators and tower companies with the ability to swiftly and flexibly scale up their 4G/5G backhaul and fronthaul capacity.

The surging demand for mobile data and higher throughput speeds is exerting immense pressure on all service providers.

CENTAURI fast-tracks service activation, reducing the timeframe to revenue generation for these ‘Next-G’ connectivity avenues.

Large campus connectivity

Maintaining steady connectivity across expansive environments such as universities, office parks, and residential communities can pose significant challenges.

CENTAURI is adept at connecting universities, manufacturing hubs, port facilities, mining sites, and isolated structures across a variety of challenging environments.

In regions where deploying fiber is impractical or impossible, or where spectrum costs and density pose significant obstacles, CENTAURI steps in to promptly deliver high-speed, high-capacity connectivity.

Last-mile expansion

ISPs and WISPs are tasked with the urgent expansion of their service territories’ last-mile to accommodate the needs of new or inadequately served customers and communities.

Implementing fixed fiber and RF/mmWave alternatives can prove challenging or impossible, particularly in regions with scant or non-existent fixed infrastructure, complicated regulations, congested spectrum, right-of-way obstacles, and other expensive hurdles.

CENTAURI can facilitate the delivery of broadband services at speeds akin to fiber, without any constraints.

Dark fiber alternative

Today’s businesses have an essential need for high-speed connections between offices and data centers.

Renting dark fiber capacity can be costly or not available. Even if capacity is prioritized, provisioning can take several months, particularly if it involves digging or laying new fiber.

CENTAURI’s cutting-edge FSO provides dependable point-to-point connectivity at speeds reaching up to 25 Gbps. It enables straightforward, swift setup between a rooftop or terrace and data centers, covering distances from 200m to 3km.

Last-mile connectivity made easy

Stylish and potent, CENTAURI weighs approximately 3 kg, enabling line-of-sight connections spanning from 200 m to 3 km and more. Welcome to the future of wireless laser communications.

















Why is CENTAURI different?

Industry-leading throughput

CENTAURI is perfectly suited for applications dealing with high traffic volumes. It provides a consistent full-duplex data rate at either 10Gbps or 25Gbps, ensuring optimal performance without any need for throttling transmission rates, even when adapting to a diverse array of challenging environments.

Best-in-class security

Laser wireless technology offers intrinsic security. Data transmissions are immune to scanning or jamming. Any disruption to the line-of-sight terminates the data link, making interceptions, eavesdropping, and man-in-the-middle attacks virtually impossible due to the employment of an exceedingly narrow beam for data transmission.

Advanced AI tracking & control

Featuring patented telemetry and AI-based tracking system, CENTAURI automatically fine-tunes alignment and laser power with microscopic precision in near-real-time. This allows the maintenance and enhancement of link performance over time, under a multitude of environmental conditions, be it rain, pole sway, or vibrations.

Future proof

CENTAURI employs lasers in the 200 THz spectrum, offering virtually unlimited leeway for future enhancements and the capability to scale to hundreds of Gbps transmission rates in time. This technology can evolve alongside your increasing bandwidth requirements.

Spectrum independence

Liberate yourself from the burden of RF spectrum licensing costs, regulations, and administration. CENTAURI utilizes cutting-edge lasers, impervious to spectrum congestion and density difficulties. Deploy CENTAURI swiftly and effortlessly, realizing quicker returns and completely eliminating spectrum management overhead.

Compact and easy to deploy

CENTAURI’s performance is as impressive as its appearance. Prior FSO technology was bulky, heavy, difficult to deploy, and power-consuming. In contrast, CENTAURI is streamlined, weighs under 2.5kg per unit, can be deployed in less than 4 hours, and operates on a mere 25-32W of power.